Magnificent Fools

Well let’s start with the emotions you go through when someone tells you in your work place that you received a promotion!! I guess the feeling is joyous or to help you understand tell me about the feelings you go through when you are told by your wife that you are going to become a father or when the wife herself comes to know for the first time that she is going to become a mother!?

I guess the feeling cannot be explained by mere words.  You maybe thinking that what an un-matured girl who maybe what 16-17 is talking about such stuff, but hear me out, what I am going to say next left me dumbstruck and has motivated me and inspired me to grow towards God, I hope that it may make you a bit astonished too and helps you and inspires you to grow each day in your walk with God.

When you were born in your mothers womb, it was not your mother or your dad creating you in the womb, I believe it was God who formed us and yes, you can counter me saying that it’s science to that I would say Science tells you how the baby is formed, its small stages from the egg to the embryo to the foetus and to the baby in our hands. Science tells us how it receives the nutrition and how it grows and forms. But it is very evident that science doesn’t make the baby in there it just gives an explanation of how it is formed but it is God who forms the baby in the womb. That to me means a lot, it tells me that even before my birth God knew me and he loved me and cared for me. Even while we were babies God took care of us, he gave us that sound sleep and peace.

But I guess things changed when we grow up, when we saw the world. We forgot to acknowledge his grace and love. We have forgotten that God exists. We have been ignorant  towards him. That has led us to spiritual lostness, we have lost the sight of faith. Our ignorance has put us in such place that we have mocked God’s absolutes and have made our own absolutes. For some people it is okay to kill another human being, suicide bombings, assassinations, massacres…. we have forgotten that God says “Love your neighbour as you love thyself”, For some people there is no existence of forgiveness, if someone hurts you, you hurt them back…  we forget that God says “Do unto others what you want them to do to you “…. The far we get from him the less humane we become.

God’s became human and came to this earth not to establish a religion rather build a relationship. He made the first move, he always makes the first move and awaits our response he never forces us to obey. He gave us free will so that we make our own choices. If you want your nature to change then you need to accept his absolutes, you need to live by his words. He has the power to change your life. He can turn your life around for you. Because he lives there is hope, no matter what you’ve done or what you go through. He will always stand by you and care for you and love you. You just have to take him in your heart, give him the permission to lead you. Taste and see that the lord is good.

You can do everything through Christ who strengthens you. Sometimes people may call you crazy, they may call you fools for believing in God and following him. But then remember that you are in a good company because when David danced with all his heart for the lord they called him a fool too, when Job stood by God even in the adversities they called him a fool too, When Jesus talked about his kingdom and his Father they called him a fool too. I believe we are Magnificent Fools created to glorify God and each day in our life grow in our walk with God.

Zenia Braganza


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