I Believe



I believe in the freedom of expression. Expression not of oneself but expression of others too. Expression not of mere feelings and emotions rather expression of ideas and morals, ethics and faith. I believe in the freedom of choice as an extension to free will.

I believe in the practise of strength and valour, humility and humour. I believe in the notion that to be great one must first serve, to lead one must first follow. I comprehend and apprehend that apex of victory lies in unity and that where there is unity there is blessing. Blessing not just of the flesh but also of the spirit. I believe in the other dimension, the dimension of spirit, I believe in the realm of Angels and demons disguised as Angels. I believe there’s more to that dimension than we comprehend and digest, I know you wouldn’t believe me but we are of that spirit world, covered in the mortal flesh, shaped in a body as a license to legally stay on earth.

I believe in the kingdom story, I believe we are all tourist, isn’t it in our DNA’s to explore and colonise ? We are sent on a mission to colonise earth, to bring heaven on earth, to bear witness to the marriage of the groom and the bride, to stand in time not as servants but as heirs, to live lives of completion and fulfilment because we are heads not tails, we are of faith and not fear.

I believe there is more to life than you can see, open your eyes, change your angle, you’re living in a multi-dimensional world, how much of it do you really understand fully ? For if a man thinks he knows anything, he knows nothing to the extent he ought to know.

I believe in the sovereignty of the creator and his matchless glory. I believe I was created in his image and so are you. I believe that I am not a mere coincident, I am
made with rhyme and reason. We are all born with a purpose, everyone’s so unique and authentic.

But I guess we are all too busy in our lives and in the present that we ain’t looking forward to the future. We are so hyper focused on the flesh that we have completely ignored ourselves. We are spirit, it is not that spirit lives in us, we live in the flesh. We need to lift our heads up for a moment, analyse and think about the life we are living, and the world we are living in, the crisis that we are going through.. is this the world that you want your kids to grow up in ?

I believe in the power of change. I believe that change begins from within, it starts from you and then maybe you could change somebody else’s life and so on. But are you ready to take that first step, it’s different here, this first step is not about stepping up it is about stepping down. We have come far away from where we ought to be. We are away from the day,………… walking in darkness.

We need to think, what happened to our values and morals, The wisest king to live once said “give heed to the teachings of your mother…… wear them as ornament on you….” It’s sad to say our ornaments are stolen, our values and morals are no more ours, we are letting the fear of society, the embarrassment of naivety lead and take control of our own values and morals. I ask you again… where are your values and morals.. ?
now I am not moral policing you, I am a sinner too, its just that I try my best not to do it again and I improve as days go by.

I don’t know if this changes anything, but I’d hate to go into the night without a fight, I’d rather die with the satisfaction of trying….

The one who created you loves you and cares for you …. he’s made you ambassadors , you are a chosen generation a royal priesthood…

are you listening ? he’s knocking at the door of your heart would you let him in ?


Be Blessed and Be a Blessing


Suitman ;)

Nelson D’souza


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