Mysterious sky



As a kid I looked at the sky and wanted to touch it,
Tried hard to jump and went on terraces but still couldn’t reach it.
Always looked at it and stood there amazed,
As I saw a blanket of stars covering something really amazing from being seen by any humans race,

But time passed and a sense kicked in ,
I came to know I’ll never be able to touch it or go up and feel the silent peace it had within.

But then one day as I came on my knees and prayed,
I felt as if I was surrounded by the stars and clouds of the same beautiful sky of the night.
Silent and peaceful it was but felt as if I was surrounded by the gaze of the holy one,

Ohh that day I knew one thing and rejoiced and danced!
That where once I was a thief, you came and disciplined me;
where once I was of the lust, you came and showed the right path to me;
where once the path I was walking in was filled with deep pits and traps, but you came and turned it into beautiful pavement.
I came to know one glorious amazing thing that day:
“That I touched the sky when I came on my kness and prayed from my heart”

-Zenia Braganza


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