Welcome to Café Revolution! A place where you read and write, ponder and engulf ideas and thoughts.

Come and join this ride through different posts wherein we hope you be enlightened, and acknowledge and experience the love of our creator.



We are a group of young minds passionate for Christ. Deeply Affected by the ramifications of his love and moved by his hope. In him we have found refuge and through him we have experienced victory. With conviction we speak for our history speaks his-story.

We hope as you read the posts through here, may his peace dwell amongst you and his love be experienced by you.

Our hearts feel overjoyed, our souls dance and rejoice when we imagine the transformation and change we can bring to this world. We hope this blesses you. “We can Do all things through Christ who strengthens us”


Unmerited Gift

and I believe that applies to everybody, if you have ever been looked down in your life, underestimated, if you’ve been invisible to people, it is for you: Perception can be changed!

We are called for extraordinary lives

God created us to be extraordinary and not ordinary.